Giving Back

A080370-Darwin.jpgA080533-Blackie.jpgA074781-Felix.jpgA080874-MrsPiggy.jpgA076332-Leroy-1.jpgA081039-Robbie.jpgA076555-Sandler.jpgA076577-Pete.jpgA081038-Kilo.jpgA076580 - Bernie.jpgA081013-Bonnie.jpgA077050-Jimmy.jpgA081242-Ricky.jpgA077075-Chase.jpgA077130-Jada.jpgA081271-Queenie.jpgA076742-Momma.jpgA076860-Perry.jpg

Once a month I volunteer my services at the Manatee County Animal Services, a local animal rescue shelter. There, I and several other local photographers photograph the dogs in hopes that a professional photo will help to encourage people to visit the shelter to adopt a new pet. Until we photograph the dogs the only available photo is that taken when they first arrive at the shelter. The dogs are often scared and unsure of their surroundings and their photo at that time does not reflect the true personality or demeanor of the animals. My hope is that a nice photo will help the dogs find their new forever home.