Meet Mindy

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I was born and raised in Indiana. I now live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida with my wonderful husband and 2 naughty dogs, Lola and Louie Barker. I have 3 grown daughters and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

My goal as a photographer is to tell a story and convey the emotion and spirit of an event. I used to think all I wanted to photograph were people. However the more I grow as a photographer I am learning that I want to expand my body of work past the four walls of my studio. Photography is a real passion for me. I am happiest when I am holding a camera in my hands and in search of a subject that inspires me.

As a photographer I believe my interests, skills, motivation and what inspires me is in constant flux. However, what has always remained the same is my love for telling the story. That may be capturing a special look in the eyes of someone in a portrait, the love of a mother and father for their children, the behavior of an animal or the emotion that being in a particular place makes me feel.

I love to accompany other photographer friends on little photo adventures. My camera is always with me just in case that rare something happens. Nothing is worse than seeing something awesome and realizing your camera is at home. I participate in this 52 week photo challenge with several other friends. We pick a weekly theme and find random things to photograph to fit those themes. I find it truly enjoyable searching for suitable matches because I am always looking for the positive in everything. For me it is much like a mental gratitude journal.

My camera has been used as a tool to help the less fortunate in the country of Panama. I helped organize a group of volunteers to visit a remote indigenous village where the volunteers organized games and activities with the children. I worked with another volunteer to teach children how to use a disposable camera. They then photographed things in their own environment. We challenged them to tell their story with both photographs and journaling. Several of their photos were later displayed at a fundraiser for improvement of their school. I also became involved in a historical society in David, Panama, photographing several historical sites in their Province to help educate citizens and raise awareness. Several of the photographs were displayed in their Gallery and sold to raise money for improvements to their historical district.

My husband and I started our own holiday tradition while living in Panama. Each year he would dress up as Santa and I’d take photos of local children sitting on his lap. I’d print them off right there and give them to the kids for keep sakes. Some shots would include the entire family! The ripple effect of those photos has been simply amazing. We missed our annual tradition so much after moving back to the States that we found a way to continue it here with another fun twist. Now my husband dresses up as Santa while my book club friends the D.E.A.R.S. (Drink.Eat.and.Read.Sometimes) and I dress up as Santa’s Elves. We’ve visited a local assisted living home to take photos of the residents to send to their families in their holiday cards.

I have also been heavily involved with my local photography club for several year. When I returned to the States from Panama I joined the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club because I wanted to meet other like minded photographers. I have served on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer and currently the Vice President. Part of my responsibility to the club is to book our monthly speakers. If you are a local photographer in my area you should come and check us out!

To see more of my work follow my other social media accounts.