Meet Mindy

I was born and raised in Indiana. I now live in Hendersonville, NC with my wonderful husband, Mike. I have 3 grown daughters 2 step sons and 8 beautiful grandchildren.

My goal as a photographer is to tell a story and convey the emotion and spirit of an event. I used to think all I wanted to photograph were people. However the more I grow as a photographer I am learning that I want to expand my body of work past the four walls of my studio. Photography is a real passion for me. I am happiest when I am holding a camera in my hands and in search of a subject that inspires me.

As a photographer I believe my interests, skills, motivation and what inspires me is in constant flux. However, what has always remained the same is my love for telling the story. That may be capturing a special look in the eyes of someone in a portrait, the love of a mother and father for their children, the behavior of an animal or the emotion that being in a particular place makes me feel.

My camera has been used as a tool to help the less fortunate in the country of Panama. I helped organize a group of volunteers to visit a remote indigenous village where the volunteers organized games and activities with the children. I worked with another volunteer to teach children how to use a disposable camera. They then photographed things in their own environment. We challenged them to tell their story with both photographs and journaling. Several of their photos were later displayed at a fundraiser for improvement of their school. I also became involved in a historical society in David, Panama, photographing several historical sites in their Province to help educate citizens and raise awareness. Several of the photographs were displayed in their Gallery and sold to raise money for improvements to their historical district.

After returning to Florida from Panama, I joined a photo club to find like minded friends. Those friendships opened the door to more adventures than I can even begin to recount here. I feel very blessed for not only the friendships but the experiences…

I have recently moves to North Carolina to chase waterfalls. I love the beauty that surrounds me and look forward to seeing where my photography takes me here in my new home state. My wish is that I can leave North Carolina a better place one day. Just as I feel I left Panama and Florida better in some small way.

To see more of my work follow my other social media accounts.