Photo Traditions

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When I moved back to Florida from Panama I was pretty upset to leave behind some pretty terrific friends. One of them is my friend Jean. We were neighbors in a small expat community near Boquete. It was so funny to meet her there because our paths had nearly crossed so many times. She had lived for several years in Indiana just 20 miles from where I grew up. Before she moved to Panama she had lived in Sarasota where I had also lived. Then we had both ended up in the same area of Panama. What are the odds of that happening I wonder?

I get to see Jean once a year when she comes back to Sarasota for a visit with her family and friends. Fortunately for me that includes me! I adore Jean and am always so happy to see her. Last year I did a little photo shoot of her daughter and grandson. This year it became a family tradition! I think being able to be a part of such a tradition is one of the highlights of being a photographer!




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